About GreenTree

GreenTree is a multicultural and multigenerational community of  Christian believers dedicated to serving God, loving one another and the communities of Winston-Salem. As a church, our core focus is to Disciple, Serve and Worship. Everything else we do has to somehow advance those three important purposes.

We Are Showing The Way To Eternal Life And Abundant Life
We continue the mission of Jesus as expressed in John 10:10.

We aspire to grow into an ethnically and socially diverse church family while teaching and practicing biblical truth. Our product is victorious Christians who love each other and work together.

We are operating under a small, family-like, community church model. Our facilities are more that just church buildings; they serve as a hub for connecting people and growing relationships.  In addition to our regular church services and events, our building serves as home to an outreach cafe and a community center. When we outgrow our building, we want to start another neighborhood church somewhere else in Winston-Salem.