Annual White Elephant Christmas Party, Dec. 18th!

Every year, close to Christmas, we enjoy what we call our “White Elephant” party: it’s a Dirty Santa game, but the gift each person totes in is not bought from the store. A “white elephant” is some useless thing lying around the house which a person wraps up, unmarked, and places under the Christmas tree in GreenTree’s main room. At least two Christmases in a row, a nice old set of golf clubs got fought over; I think Frank may have ended up with that one when push came to shove. Johnnie is too tenderhearted to yank somebody’s present away from them, even if it’s for a big laugh. He’d much rather raise his finger in the air and tell a funny story. But Chryl will go ahead and do what needs to be done, with a very kind “Sorry.” And nobody wanted the roll of toilet paper somebody had the genius to stuff into a pretty bag a couple of years ago.

When the time is over, everyone walks away with a chuckle in his throat, a smile on her face, and another useless thing to take home.

Come and have a goofy time with us, December 18th at 6pm, and bring your appetites and one wrapped-up “White Elephant,” on the one night of the year in which it’s okay to grab things from each other and get away with it.


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