Need Love

This poem is written by our own Frank Hartwig, from his collection entitled: Or When I Sing. Just as lovers have need-love for one another, our whole being needs God and His Love that transcends all loves. Throughout scripture, God compares His relationship with His little humans to the deepest love-ties, including the marriage bond. Whether Valentine’s Day finds us with that human “special someone” or not, let that famous day serve as a symbol for God’s passionate love for us, and of the soul-hungry need we have for Him.



Could a flower be a flower

Without the brush of pollen-laden bee?

Could the tree be a tree

Without the bath of frequent rain?

Could a thought be formed

Without the need of sentient man?

Could my love live

Apart from your need of love and of me?


Flowers cease

Without the bee—

As do bees without honey.

Trees die

Without the rain—

As does rain without the mist tossed

  skyward by a hundred million trees.

Thought cannot form

Apart from brain of man—

Nor is man man apart from thought.

My love would die

If you would cease to need me,

As would your love without my need of you.

I need you.


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